Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide a welcoming, safe and caring environment for children to grow and develop
  • To support children to become confident, independent learners and to provide quality learning experiences for them – learning which is structured, balanced, relevant to the child and related to their world
  • To deliver a curriculum which takes account of, and responds to, the children’s developmental needs and allows them to make progress related to their different abilities, which is in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • To provide the opportunity to learn though play, use their imagination, and to play independently or as part of a group
  • To encourage shared thinking, decision making and the development of problem solving skills
  • To provide children with free flow between the classroom and the outdoor learning environment, thus enriching learning opportunities
  • To enrich communication, with strong emphasis being placed on encouraging language development
  • To create a sense of belonging for all and to cater for their individual needs, with due respect to their culture, religion and background
  • To follow the SENCO code of practice